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Project Description
The Bing Maps ASP.NET Control is a wrapper for the Microsoft Bing Maps AJAX control.
It provides a drag and drop experience for Visual Studio ASP.NET developers and removes the need to code javascript.

We are currently planning a Version 1 release. This release will be the originally released Microsoft CTP control upgraded to the latest v6.2 of the AJAX control with critical bugs fixed.
We are looking for your help, please contact us today to get involved

View the control in action here:

Commerical Control with Support
Looking for a commerically supported control? Chris Pietschmann from Simplovation has Web.Maps.VE v2.0. If you like the concepts here but just want to pay to have the control fully supported why not download the Web.Maps.VE trial and compare.

Are you a .Net developer looking for the future of web based mapping and wanting to stay clear of Javascript? The Microsoft Bing Maps Silverlight control is for you. Currently in CTP this is the exciting future of rich interactive mapping online. Join the CTP today:

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